Parliamentary Life from (1984 to current date)
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After freezing Parliamentary life; And to emphasize the constitutional milieu’s reliability; And due to the need to establish and retain democracy; And the necessity of highlighting basic concepts of ruling; The resumption of parliamentary life was declared in 1984. Consequently, the National Consultative council was dissolved and the Ninth House of representative was summoned to an extraordinary session for amending a constitutional article.

Following the Arab Summit in Algeria in 1988 where the Palestinian Liberation Organization strongly and emphatically demanded unity disengagement between the West and the East banks of the Jordan River to recognize The Palestinian Liberation as the only and legitimate representative of the Palestinians;
And despite Jordan’s relentless efforts to avoid breaking the two Banks’ unity; And After returning back from the Summit in July 1988; Jordan Declared the Two Banks’ unity disengagement where the government resumed parliamentary life without the West bank representation.

Since the issuance of the first Jordanian Constitution on February 1st 1947, it stipulated that the legislative authority is entrusted to the National Assembly and the King. It also stated that the National Assembly adopts the bicameral system:

  • First: Senate
    Twenty Four Senate Houses were formed since the bicameral system was adopted in 1947. For more information on the Senate, please visit the official website.
  • Second: House of Representatives
    Sixteen Houses of Representatives were formed up to current date. For more information on the House of Representatives, please visit the official website.
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